As a pediatrician,Dr. Shaoping Zhang (张绍坪)has played gaohu and erhu for more than a half century, but he did not start solo performance until he received instructions from a China well known great erhu-master Min Huifen 19 years ago. In 2018, Dr. Zhang was awarded certificate of erhu education from the China Erhu Academy by participating training class and examinations. Dr. Zhang joined Huayun Band in 2016 as a Gaohu player. using gaohu he hads lead 5 Huyun emsemples (“Bu Bu Gao” , “Yao Dancing”, “Beautiful South”, “Rain drops on Banana Leaves” and “Early Springs in a Mountain Village”. In January 2020, Dr Zhang was invited to lead the ensemble ”Early Springs in a Mountain Village” in the annual concert of Houston Chinese Traditional Music Group, and gained the reputations of “bright and sonorous tone, full of flavor”. Dr Zhang’s erhu solo “Once Upon a Time in America” is very popular among American audience.